Troll Bound

Author: The White Wizard
Publisher: Questline
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #13

Troll Bound

Troll Bound? I hear you mutter. Surely we saw this one last month. Well, we did and we didn't. After reading Ol' Whitey's review, Tony Treadwell threw himself into the Goblin's Dungeon in despair, but then made good use of the time to upgrade the game and send me a copy. And I'm delighted to wave my wand in his direction and say that this new version of the game is a vast improvement.

It's not that the structure of the game has been much changed, but the presentation and the pictures. And it's on disk as well now for the extremely reasonable price of £5.95. This must make it the cheapest disk offering around, and I reckon it's now even better value than previously. What's more the disk version has some nice added features, including an optional fast loader and the ability to load the title screen and music separately, or not at all if you want to get down to the game quicker.

I shan't repeat the Troglodytic details of the plot, but Tony has added several new graphics that really are attractive... and he's tidied up his spellynge. Look, I know I seem to have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about spelling and presentation in games, but really it is important. If I opened an Agatha Christie book and read 'The boddy laie on the sowfa beside the tayble' I would simply put it back on the shelf. The same goes for adventures which after all have an abundance of text as their only distinguishing mark... so it's nice to see it properly presented.

Thanks for the new version Tony, and I hope that others get the same enjoyment out of it as I did. Order your copy from Mr. Treadwell at the address in the Helpline column.

The White Wizard

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