Amstrad Action

By Domark
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #79


This, we believe, is Domark's last ever release. Er, and it's very nobby unfortunately. Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters, aside from the longest title in computing history, also offers isometric 3D rooms, lots of robotic foes, some hostages to release, and an excellent two-player mode. It's the only game on this pack worth owning.

Hydra is a beat-'em-up with mega naff confusing graphics and very little in the way of playability. Skull & Crossbones is a chop-'em-up involving lots of pirates (i.e. blokes with eye patches and parrots, not that spotty geek in the fourth year with all those Amiga games). It looks quite good at first glance, but turns out to be as dull as the dullest thing in Mr. Dull's Amazing Encyclopedia of Dullness. Dull.

And then we come to the real stinkers. Badlands has graphics that are dire beyond the limits of human imagination. Like Super Off Road on the 2 Hot 2 Handle compilation, it's a Super Sprint style race-'em-up. But it's total crap. You'd laugh if your computer-illiterate little brother wrote something like this while you were having tea. Commercial release? Pah!

STUN Runner, a scrolling-towards you sci-fi shoot-'em-up [Leave some hyphens for the rest of us, Adam - Ed], is better but is just another pointless conversion of an ultra-fast coin-op [Hyphens! - Ed]. Take out the fast bit and you don't have anything left in the way of a game. Gah!

It's a shame indeed that Domark should take its leave of the Amstrad market with such on old pile of didgeridoos as this.

Rod Lawton

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