Amstrad Action

Double Dare
By Alternative
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #79

Double Dare

Kids' TV licence ahoy! Er, that is to say that this is a game based on a kids' TV programme, and Alternative has had to acquire a licence to produce it. It's got nothing to do with TV licences like what you have to buy down the post office or anything. [Get on with it - Ed] All right, all right, don't rush me.

Double Dare is a game of two halves. The first half is a quiz section where you compete against the computer in answering questions. This seems a trifle unfair - the computer must know all the answers otherwise it wouldn't know whether you'd got your question right. Cheat City, Arizona!

There are some challenges (e.g. picture puzzles) involved in this section, but they're hard to come by - you need to pass a question to the computer ('Dare') and then have it passed back to you ('Double Dare'). Unfortunately, the computer always gets it right (it knows all the answers).

Double Dare

If you win the quiz (your reviewer managed this on his first go, but then he's ace) you go on to the collecting and jumping around in piles of gunge platformy bit. You can keep going at this till you win.

Double Dare is quite fun, though the questions are quite hard and many relate to old films and boring nob like that. But if you like the idea of two games (a quiz and a platform game) for the price of one, Double Dare could be the purchase for you. Well done (Alternative)!


Overall 72%
The questions are too difficult, the challenges never happen, but Double Dare is still fairly fab.

Rod Lawton

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