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By Melbourne House

Published in A&B Computing 3.02

It's not easy being a reviewer for A&B, especially when you live 'sarf of the river' and the editorial staff forget you (What, us? - Ed). Not for us the delights of Hampstead and the joys of social climbing. No, we're reduced to the plebs' follow up adventure from the same team, Melbourne House authors, Lever and Jones.

Terrormolinos is about as far removed from Hampstead as you could get. Tired of trying to attain the heady height of wealth and social status, Lever and Jones have turned their attention to another great British institution, the Spanish package tour (which at the moment costs about the same price as this cassette!).

Your aim is to try and get wife Beryl and kids Doreen and Ken out of the house, onto the plane and away to a pun-packed, disaster bordered holiday in the Costa Plenty resort of Terrormolinos. This is not as easy as it sounds as before you can even leave the house, you have to locate all sorts of useful things like luggage, your passport, a harpoon (!) and your camera. Try and avoid red herrings and jump into the taxi before the driver gets fed up with waiting and roars off down the motorway. "You have missed your plane - Another try, yes or no."


Once you actually make it to sunny Spain (Don't forget your sunscreen lotion), and have located your incomplete hotel, you can bask on the beach, or take one of the excursions offered by a decidedly dubious-looking Spaniard, to a bullfight or a crumbling monastery.

To prove that you have actually endured your holiday in the sun, you are asked to take ten photographs of the family and, unfortunately, this is where the Beeb version is inferior to the game on other machines. On other computers, you can see your photographs as you take them and have a nostalgic flick through them once you're safely back at home in Slough. On the BBC, you are just told whether or not you took a successful photograph and the only picture you see is on the loading screen.

Nevertheless, the game is great fun, even if you don't progress too far. There's lots of humour, many quirky situations and a fair amount of laterally solvable puzzles. Do seek it out but don't, whatever you do, tell the A&B staff that you enjoyed it. They're much too stuffy. (Who is this, Dave Reeder? - Ed)

Dave Reeder

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