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Future Shock
By Tynesoft

Published in A&B Computing 4.01

The Art Crew are upon us again! This time, thanks to Tynesoft, they have produced their masterwork - the latest in the Bug Eyes series.

From the stunningly designed loading screen to the drop-down status/sound/puzzle screens, this is a class act all the way. The theme may not be original (collect pieces of a puzzle whilst exploring a 64 screen game fraught with danger, traps and tricks) but the execution is breath-taking. There is dedication here; there is style; but, perhaps most of all, there is humour!

Characters familiar from other Tynesoft games as well as odd figures from other games (there ought to be a prize for identifying the lot!) abound and, in common with the usual Art Crew product, the figures are well animated, chunky and smoothly scrolling. If you've enjoyed the previous Bug Eyes programs then this is an extra treat for you; if you haven't then you must see this one.

I've a lot of time for Tynesoft - apart from their high quality games and low prices, they demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the whole Acorn range. This game deserves to be a major hit for them and we can only hope for more enjoyable games of this quality from them - we've still got Jet Set Willy II to come, after all.

For me, however, this remains a perfect example of what we might call an everyday game - well programmed, graphically superb, compulsive, playable but simple enough for even the youngest game player. Do seek it out; you will not be disappointed.

Dave Reeder

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