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10 Computer Hits 3/Five Star Games 2
By Beau Jolly
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 4.09

5 Computer Hits/Five Star Games 2

Yet more re-released goodies from Beau Jolly - five games a cassette represents excellent value but, as always, their worth to you will depend on how many of these games you already have. Note: there are Electron versions with different games, but I haven't seen these.

Computer Hits 5 contains the following: Audiogenic's Bug Eyes 2 - if you get lost in the Bug Eyes series, this is the one where Zelda needs rescuing; Micro Power's Swag which is a typical collect-while-avoid game; Alligata's platform classic Blagger; Incentive Software's text only software company simulation Millionaire; and, finally, Micro Power's Croaker - a poor and very dated Frogger arcade conversion.

Whilst this is not the strongest of the Beau Jolly collections there were three games here I didn't have in my collection. Admittedly they are hardly classics but at about £2 a game, how can you go wrong?

Five Star Games 2 on the other hand is a corker of a collection: three top smashes from Superior - Galaforce, Thrust and Karate Combat; plus solid support from oldies but goldies Stock Car (Micro Power) and Moon Mission (Superior again). The only mystery about this collection is why Superior are selling the re-release rights to what must still be profitable games; or, if they are no longer big sellers, why not a Superior collection containing them?

Still, congratulations again to Beau Jolly. Keep them coming!

Dave Reeder

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