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Drain Mania
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Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 2.10

As the instructions scroll slowly up the screen and a delightful piece of music tinkles away merrily, you have a feeling that Drain Mania is going to be a bit special. You are not disappointed either.

This game is set in a sewer (!) and the object is to make your escape whilst seeing off all the inhabitants that emerge from the pipes and at the same time collect the coins that hang from the roof of the tunnels.

It's really a Manic Miner type game where you leap your man from level-to-level. To destroy the monsters and creepies that wander the sewer you must head-butt them from below to topple them over and then jump on them to finish them off before they mutate into something even nastier. Not easy, as the passages are slippery and controlling the jump of your man Theodore, requires much practice. Occasionally fireballs and water are ejected from the sewer pipes and make your task more difficult.

Drain Mania

At the bottom of the screen is a 'zap' button which may only be used three times and destroys everything on that screen. I found that it was wise not to use this in the early stages as things get quite frantic as the game progresses and you need it later on.

The game features user-defined keys, sound on/off and freeze game options. The smooth flicker-free graphics are excellent and the sound is of a very high standard too.

I like this game immensely. It is classy, difficult and downright addictive. Highly recommended.

Dave ReederPeter Rochford

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