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The Quest For The Holy Grail
By Epic
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 2.01

Some adventures are so easy that they rapidly become boring. Others are so difficult that one gives up in disgust (or shame!), and promptly goes off adventures completely. The really good adventure allows the beginner to achieve some mobility and success, while posing problems that will give even the most wrinkled adventurer a time of real puzzling before the solution comes (often at about three in the morning...).

This adventure, one of four now available for the Acorn machines, is definitely one of the best I have ever played from the challenge point of view. It lacks the graphics of their WHEEL OF FORTUNE (even better!) being solely text, but it creates the kind of world where the adventure freak will wander happily and with growing frustration for several weeks.

It is set around Camelot, with you taking the role of a knight whose application to join the Round Table is being decided. It is decided that you must find the Holy Grail, and return to Camelot with it. Well, it sounds easy enough, doesn't it? Down the hill you go, into a forest where two knights appear to be impassable. Still, there is a tree to climb, and if you happen to have the right things with you, and you take the right fork, you might make it to the swamp.

The SAVE game function has been well used by myself, so that sudden death doesn't seem too permanent, and I found this a great help here as well. On to the almost obligatory castle, complete with dungeons and other features which made this section quite enjoyable, but also where I got stuck.

I found myself amazed at the vast amount of data that Epic have managed to cram in. It is a program I recommend to any fairly proficient Adventurer.

Dave ReederPhilip Tayler

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