Dodger (Firefly) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Firefly

Published in Home Computing Weekly #17

You'd better check up on the Green Cross Code before attempting Dodger - an adaptation of Frogger. Your objective is to reach home, but you only have three lives with which to do it.

To get there, you must cross five lanes of traffic, dodge the giant spiders, then swim the river taking care to avoid the crocodiles, speedboats and, finally, the octopus. You have four homes to occupy, and each home may only be entered once.

If you manage to safely find your way to all four homes, there's no sitting back feeling pleased with yourself, for the game starts all over again. This time the pace is even faster!

Movements are controlled from the keyboard - a pity joystick control isn't provided as an optional extra.

All the graphics are superb. Even the opening title and instructions are, literally, flashy! Full use has been made of the sprite capability of Extended Basic to provide action every bit as exciting and addictive as the arcade original.


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