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Home Computing Weekly

The Beetle Run
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #76

Here's five different screens of fast action for your unexpanded TI. I must admit I had to cheat to check all five.

Using the cursor keys, a little cramped for comfort, you move a beetle round the screen either collecting or avoiding, depending on screen. Once you've started moving you can't stop or even go back the way you came as crossing your trail loses a life.

On the first screen you must recover 20 rings or, if you haven't the right technique or luck, take a transporter to the next screen. Here you collect all the pills but avoid the rocks. Unless you are quick enough to guide your beetle through a carefully planned route, this screen will never be completed.

Screen three is a bottomless pit to cross. On screen four there are pills to collect again, but this time a random set of rocks to be avoided. On screen five you try to prevent any collisions once more, but are unable to move up or down.

Overall, good - even when you cheat.


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