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Tank Battle
By Temptation

Published in Home Computing Weekly #37

With five skill levels, described as being from "strategy to desperation", you may well imagine that with Tank Battle, you're in for a tough time.

Enemy tanks appear in random formation from the right and top of the screen. Using your tank at the bottom of the screen, you must stop five (not 10, as it specifies in the instructions), of the enemy from infiltrating your lines to reach their objective, your H.Q.

You have only three lives with which to do so. Your movements are restricted to east or west, and range of fire is limited to the upper half of the screen, so some fast reactions and judgement are required to keep out the enemy.

For each enemy tank hit, points are awarded, the aim being to gain a high score.

There are also facilities to interrupt play, or changeover joysticks without having to CLEAR and re-RUN.

Such features show that as much consideration has been given to the overall presentation of the program as in the play itself.


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