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Home Computing Weekly

Billy Ball Plays Catch
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #75

Another game featuring an amusing character by the name of Billy Ball. Last I saw of him he was at a hatchery, here he's busy playing catch,

Various items fall down the screen, one at a time, and Billy must catch them. If he misses three times, he will lose a Life.

A fierce green monster tries to stop our little friend, so Billy may either evade him by climbing ladders and jumping from platforms, or take more positive-action by punching him, should he come too close for comfort. The monster sometimes goes rather red in the face, however, and speeds up his chase for revenge.

If Billy successfully catches, a box at the bottom of the screen is filled in. When all have been filled he progresses difficult screens.

All have superb graphics, which compensate for the somewhat slow action during the game's initial stages, but things definitely "hot up" after the fourth screen. Needs Extended Basic and a joystick.


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