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Home Computing Weekly

Maths Race
By Firefly

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

This is designed to test 7-12 year olds on their basic arithmetic skills, but adds incentive to their learning by taking the form of a simple car race.

The screen displays a race track with two cars. Questions are then asked on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or various combinations depending on which of seven options was chosen before the race began. If a question is answered correctly the player's car is advanced. An incorrect response results in the computer's car being moved twice as far. The race ends when either car passes the finishing line and one point is scored by the winner of that round.

In the seventh option, where all the arithmetic skills are tested, a bug consistently upset the display. When some division question were answered a NUMERIC OVERFLOW IN 1240 causes the display to be partially scrolled off the screen.

The level of difficulty is selected from four which determines whether numbers the generates will be under 6, 11, 16 or 21. This is reasonable for most levels, but an upper limit of 20 for division seems too low to offer much variety or challenge in the questions. Needs Extended Basic.


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