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Home Computing Weekly

Special Mission
By Temptation

Published in Home Computing Weekly #37

Special Mission is a text-only adventure game set in an industrial complex. Your task is both to discover and accomplish the objective of your mission by issuing instructions.

The computer can understand sentences of up to five lines in length, although this may sometimes result in a memory full error, a small technical point adequately described in the instructions.

Exploring the complex is achieved by going east, west, etc, but you may ask for help when it is required.

Various objects are, of course, to be found with which you can gain access 10 different parts of the complex, including a crazy camera which not only has the infuriating habit of playing invader bashers, but sticks its tongue out at you!

The set-up of the adventure is the same each time that it is run, but your progress depends on having obtained various items and disposed of others in appropriate places.

Since there is no option to SAVE when you have reached a certain point, therefore, the ultimate solution to the adventure is difficult to achieve except, perhaps, for the experienced player.


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