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Home Computing Weekly

Program Index
By B. Jackson

Published in Home Computing Weekly #70

If you have problems keeping track of where your programs are on tape, this will help you to organise and keep them in order. For each program the title, language and number of the tape are input into a record. A maximum of 150 titles are handled by the program, which also sorts them into alphabetical order, before a permanent record is made in data files on tape. For the more fortunate who have all the necessary expansions and a printer, a hard copy of the list can be requested.

Although the program is written in standard TI Basic it will run, and much faster, in Extended Basic.

A complete list of all the information may be displayed, but there's also an option to search for a specific title. If any mistakes have been made a record may be deleted, but before doing this or leaving the program, your decision is double-checked.

On the whole, a useful and well-designed program, although I would prefer a more flexible format so that the user could designate names and lengths of files for other forms of record-keeping.


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