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Home Computing Weekly

Maths Flash Astronaut
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #65

An original, really motivating program designed to test six to 10 year olds on addition and multiplication skills.

By answering 15 questions correctly, a rocket is sent into orbit. The screen is the instrument panel of a spaceship. Display includes a view of the rocket, altitude meter, galaxy map and fuel supply. The questions appear in the centre; above this a timer counts down until the question is answered.

A correct response produces a smiling sun, planet or star, depending on the time taken. A wrong reply causes an exploding planet and the correct answer is supplied.

These graphics are placed at the co-ordinates corresponding to the two numbers in the question. This means a supervising adult is able to see where there are problems, although the computer does help by continuing to ask wrongly answered questions until the correct reply is input.

Several difficulty levels are included, the response time allowed in each becoming less. If the child's performance is satisfactory, the computer will move to a higher level. The converse also applies.


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