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Kick Off 2
By Anco
Amiga 500

Published in Computer & Video Games #105

Kick Off 2

In the beginning, there was Kick Off, and it was the greatest of all footy games. From this, Kick Off Extra Time and Player Manager were spawned, but the hungry crowds, who wanted that bit more, looked toward the creator, Dino Dini, and waited in hope for Kick Off 2. And verily did Dino say unto them, "Worry not, for what you wish for is on the way". And the crowds waited with baited breath.

Well, punters, you can breathe again now, for Kick Off 2 is here, with more options than you can shake your Fulchester United scarf at. Basically, it's the same as the original Kick Off, but Kick Off 2 allows up to four players at once, and has a vast range of options including choice of pitch (normal, wet, soggy, plastic), wind speed, extra time, a sudden death penalty shoot out, aftertouch (which allows you to control the ball for a split-second after it has been kicked, allowing for some hair-raising banana shots), a kit designer, so you can play in your fave team's colours, action replays and the ability to save your best goals onto a Golden Shots disc, so you can show off to all your friends.

There's a choice of referees, which range from very short-sighted to a complete Nazi who can reduce the match to a game of five-a-side if you're not careful!


Well, what can I say, Brian? The boy Dino's gone out there with fire in his heart, and he's played an absolute blinder. After Kick Off, Extra Time and Player Manager, I didn't think the lad could pull it off, but he's knuckled down and come out with a cracker.

There's just so many options that even your wildest footballing fantasties can become a reality. You can be battling up a plastic pitch in an attempt to bend a shot past Arsenal's 'keeper on a plastic pitch if you really want to.

They say it's not over till it's over, but after this, I reckon the rest of the league might as well take an early bath. The competition must be feeling as sick as a parrot, Brian, but this has left me absolutely over the moon.

Championship-winning material all round.

Robert Swan