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Flight Path 737
By Anirog

Published in Home Computing Weekly #112

Now I must confess I'm a sucker for a good flight simulation and when I occassionally see one of the real simulators with the sort of control and graphic capability they have I simply itch to put on my Biggles helmet. On a more down-to-earth level you have to live with the reality of a 64K machine that can only do so much. Perhaps with the interactive laser discs, who knows?

I have to stress that this is a simulation and not a game because so many people, including my children, are used to instant success in varying degrees. And this one is no exception. It's subtitled: "Advanced Pilot Trainer". The trouble with a flight simulator is that if it's going to be at all realistic then success takes a lot of working at. This program does, however, offer six levels.

The layout of the controls was clear and occupied the lower two-thirds of the screen. The graphic display was a narrow strip across the top of the screen showing the essential features in full colour. Most realistic was the sound which increased in volume as you increased speed and added to the atmosphere.

After a couple of hours I was able to taxi, take off and clear the mountains. I needed to work on my approach speed on descent. Not impossible and highly motivating. On each crash you are told what went wrong, which helps in your next attempt.

This is a responsive simulator that requires practice and gives scope for the experienced. No joystick option but perfectly adequate with keyboard controls.


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