Galaxia (Kuma Computers) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Kuma Computers

Published in Home Computing Weekly #116

In this space game you control a rocket on the left of the screen and both background and aliens scroll in from the right. The graphics are good and use the sprite capability effectively. A considerable amount of movement up to the centre of the screen is allowed, hence you can manoeuvre around the oncoming hordes of aliens.

The nasties come towards you at varying speeds and perform odd movements which mean you have to keep your wits about you. There are some imaginative creatures like sly baiters and zappers plus some silly ones like banging bangers, which are wobbly sausages! Sometimes the creatures simply pass by and you have to avoid them but usually you are fired at in a pattern exclusive to the particular alien.

My son, a hardened arcade game player, managed nine out of the 10 screens on offer and felt there was little incentive to go on. There are options, however, to make the game more difficult as you can adjust the speed of the game at the beginning. There is also a demonstration mode which goes through the whole sequence and shows a docking procedure at the end which presumably allows you to go round again and clock up more points. All scoring and screen status is shown in a well laid out display.

Not bad if you want an undemanding game that allows you to make fast progress.


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