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The Snowman
By Quicksilva

Published in Home Computing Weekly #105

The beautiful book by Raymond Briggs is now a computer game. However they share little in common except for the central ideal of creating a snowman. The game owes much to the current trend for running up and down ladders and avoiding nasties.

If you can accept that, this game is a good version with one or two things to make it stand out from the crowd. Firstly it is well drawn using this computer's colours fully as well as its sprite capability. Unfortunately it doesn't vary much beyond the first screen as the layout remains the same whilst different baddies are added and the game becomes more difficult.

Animation is quite good with a very nice phase as the little boy drops into a bed wheeled on by an angel. I did have difficulty in controlling the character. Using either joystick or cursor keys you have to take great care on ladders as dropping off puts you to sleep.

The game involves running around to pick up snow avoiding the flames which will of course melt it. Taking the snow you have to drop it in place and see the snowman being built up. Later screens add scarf, eyes, mouth and so on. There are sleep monsters which must be avoided and presents to collect.

Some nice Christmas tunes add considerable charm to the game. I was quite addicted and in spite of the difficulties managed the third screen before being sent to bed by my wife. This is a game that will melt you heart and endear itself to you.


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