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Pitfall 2
By Activision

Published in Home Computing Weekly #101

A superb game which is difficult to fault. Pitfall Harry, a cartoon-like character, moves through various beautifully arranged scenes featuring caverns, balloons and rivers. Your aim is to collect gold, find the Raj diamond, Harry's niece Rhonda and cat Quickclaw.

What usually annoys me about this type of program is the frequency with which you get killed and have to start again. Not here. As you progress you pass red cross stations. When you touch one of the nasties you are sent back to the last cross you passed. This affects your score and at first I was constantly at zero, but this needn't affect your progress. In fact you never die and you could continue scoring nothing.

A nice tune is played changing occasionally to suit the activity - good atmosphere without being annoying.

Movement is with joystick or cursor keys and spacebar which I found better especially on ladders.

An expensive but impressive game, making full use of colour, sprite graphics and music facilities. Hugely entertaining and relatively low frustration levels without being too easy.


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