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Screaming Abdabs
By A 'n F
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #104

Now here's a rare thing - a game for the Dragon that can compare with the more popular micros. There has been quite a long rest period as software houses size up the market potential for a micro that is cut off from its supplier. Perhaps more people will realise that a software starved user group is worth investing in - witness the second 6809 show.

The game itself might be considered a little unoriginal as you Jump onto moving conveyors and run along platforms, take care of melting floors and avoid all the nasty elements. What I thought was particularly good was the ingenuity of the screen design there are 35 different screens: and the sense of humour employed in creating revolving screws, snipping scissors and other assorted objects to cut you down to size.

It's in black and white using the highest resolution and therefore quite detailed. The animation of the little man is particularly good as he battles his way through.

The title page offers a chance for up to four players and an opportunity to randomise the order of screens. This is a tremendous feature as I usually get stuck on the first screen and consequently get bored trying to see more of what's on offer. Not only do you get a chance to play some of the other screens but a demonstration option goes through all the screens at the beginning should you choose to do so.

Sound was a bit sparse but the colour was not missed at all. Great value for money and an addictively playable game.


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