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By Temptation
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #44

Word puzzles seem to have generated a lot of spin-offs. Magazines have sprouted giving you options to go blind, cross-eyed and red in the face by concealing words in a block of letters. Now you have the chance to do the same thing on screen.

The most attractive aspect of this cassette is the packaging, which unfortunately is far better than the contents.

The menu seems comprehensive enough, giving you the chance to save and load games, print instructions more fully and erase the letter grid.

One of the options offer a printout of the letter grid and list of words on to a line printer, but it only produced the list of words on mine!

Once you have given your words, the computer sorts out a letter grid of 30 columns by 12 rows. You begin your search and when you've found something, you type the word then answer the prompts for the x and y axis followed by the direction.

The letter grid is printed on the low resolution screen which suits the presentation well enough. But the whole game is pretty dull. You would really have to be very keen on word puzzles to find it enjoyable.


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