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Home Computing Weekly

By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #62

This is the BBC version of the well known arcade game Battlezone. The graphics and nearly colourless display make the game look very similar.

If you've never seen Battlezone, here's a description: you are the tank gunner and you must seek out and destroy the enemy tanks. You view through your periscope and find enemy tanks on your radar. On radar the enemy tank appears to jump around - this is distracting.

This game could be very good if it weren't for the movement. The area moves character by character, making sighting very difficult. Unlike the arcade game the enemy is always the same, which becomes monotonous after a while.

Improvements such as a high score table could improve this game, and it is unusual to find a game without one. However, the graphics are good and the game is testing. I did notice one small bug: after losing a life, a flashing line sometimes appears across the bottom of the screen. This shouldn't put anyone off.

Usual superior software cover, flashy picture. Reasonable instructions and reasonable overall.


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