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Home Computing Weekly

Arena III
By Lizard Games

Published in Home Computing Weekly #31

Arena III is three games in one. All are set in outer space with action that mimics the arcade favourites. The top of the screen throughout display totals for shots used, lives lost and score.

The first game is set in deep space. Using the keyboard to rotate your spacecraft and fire, you attempt to zap as many of the meandering alien ships that cross your path before one ultimately crashes into you, hence starting the next game.

This time you control a rocket which passes over the hilly tarrain of a planet where, by dropping bombs, a landing strip must be cleared. Each time you crash into hillside one life is lost and your rocket thrust up to a safer bombing distance. Once a safe touchdown is achieved the final game begins.

To the right of the screen appears a spaceship from which descends an astronaut. He must be guided down to the planet surface, where he plants a flag, then back up to the ship, avoiding passing asteroids on his way. If he collides a life is lost and you start the descent again.

At the end of a run the title screen reappears. No reminder of your progress is given or a "best so far".


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