Torment (Lizard Games) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Lizard Games

Published in Home Computing Weekly #28

Torment - you'll take on a deeper understanding of this word once you've played this game.

Set in a maze, your objective is to reach the centre in no more than 100 moves and without losing the three lives you are allowed.

When the maze first appears on the screen, no fences or gateways are shown. These are only revealed as you make your way round and depend on which row or column you are in at the time.

To make this even more difficult, skulls of previous explorers block your path. These are unfriendly and may be dealt with by various means, which you have to discover for yourself, but as each method is more frequently used the less effective it becomes.

Direction of travel is controlled by the cursor keys. The distance, however, is determined by stopping a random number display with the ENTER key. Slow reactions here are not only move-wasting but agonising.


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