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Home Computing Weekly

By Softi

Published in Home Computing Weekly #64

Ever fancied yourself as Prince Charming? Well, here's your chance. Wicked Count Bludnok has abducted Princess Softi and you must rescue her.

The game starts in the catacombs, a grid with numbered and lettered axes. You have a limited time to type in co-ordinates to open tombs and find matching pairs of items useful for the rescue. As each item only appears on the screen until another co-ordinate is entered or items matched, quick reactions and good memory are required.

How well you bare determines in which of three chambers you will find the princess. You may, however, wish to forget her and make for the money - or perhaps both! Various guards and obstacles appear in your path and careful use of items from the catacombs is essential for survival.

Excellent use of the TI's capabilities is made, but during one of many attempts, 'Memory Full' brought the game to an abrupt end.

Feminists, grinding their teeth at such a male chauvinistic theme, will be pleased to learn that there's a version available in which the roles are reversed.


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