Acorn User

The Sting

Author: Harry Sinclair
Publisher: Gemini
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Acorn User #033

The Sting

Bruno the bear and Teddy the cub against the world - oh, all right, I'm exaggerating. Bruno is greedy; he likes fruit and is not above swiping it from the orchard. The enemy on this occasion is a wasp which blunders around the orchard. Should ever the twain meet, Bruno turns his badge in and his toes up. He can hide behind logs and sometimes temporarily stun the wasp with an aerosol.

The fruit is scattered about the corners of the orchard and has to be eaten by Bruno in a set sequence. Clearing one lot of fruit gives you the chance to score bonus points by moving through a maze and reaching good ol' Teddy, but that wasp is still involved, bumbling around and crashing into things. You also have to avoid wandering poison mushrooms on the long march to Teddy, or you don't get a bonus.

You have three lives. The action gets more complicated with different shaped orchards and more little caches of fruit as you go on.

Controls are simple - the up/down/left/right variety. The graphics are OK without being spectacular and the sound is confined to bursts of the Scott Joplin classic.

Not a bad game, which would probably appeal to the younger members of the family.

Harry Sinclair

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