Acorn User

Electronic Colouring Book
By Addison-Wesley

Published in Acorn User #033

I've forgotten what it's like to mess about with paint pots and crayons. From what I remember about my own children's creative bursts, the excitement seemed to centre on how many different colours they could get on the ceiling before I started laying about them with my trusty club. This program takes the mess (and possibly most of the fun) out of the process.

Eighteen outline drawings are provided for the little dears to colour. First the main program is loaded and then you can load in one of the drawings if you wish. Four of the drawsing have colouriongs which can also be loaded from the tape. Down the right-hand side of the screen is the colour palette which contains quite a few 'new' colours, obtained by pixel mixing - there are 35 colours in all. Moving the crosshair sights onto a colour using the keyboard or joystick enables you then to move over a section of the picture, press O and see the shole of that section filled in. You don't have to use the drawings provided - you can make your own using the 'draw' facility, and drawings and colourings can be saved.

There are options to redefine colours and to let the machine cycle at random through a series of colour combinations. The outline drawings provided are excellent and it's difficult to believe that low resolution Mode 2 graphics are used.

All quite pretty and certainly easier on the carpets and wallpaper, but is it as much fun?

Harry Sinclair

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