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Bored Of The Rings
By Silver Soft
BBC Model B

Published in Acorn User #044

Bored Of The Rings

There are really three adventures in one here, all linked. On completion of one part you get the password to let you play the next. Mind you, you can cut out the middleman and cheat like I did to find the passwords first.

I'm sure you're aware that this is a spoof on the Hobbit. You are Fordo and you have an assortment of pals with names like Spam and Pimply. You do get a map to give you some sense of direction but it didn't help me at all.

I haven't played the whole thing - it would take the likes of me far too long, but I've had a good wander round each of the sections, getting trapped, lost and/or killed all over the place. I think the big question is whether you like the humour or not. There's a lot of it and it would probably appeal to teenagers, but then, why do I like it? You can use rude words if you're that way inclined. I must point out that I know this not from experience but because I found the dirty words sections in the programs during my search for the passwords.

The programs themselves are written in Basic and are therefore very long, taking quite a while to load. Response times are not as fast as for machine code games but not so slow as to be irritating.

As a bonus, there is an extra program, Sceptical, again a spoof, this time on the likes of Ceefax. If you loved the humour in the adventure, you'll love this.

At £6.95, this is excellent value and I can see why it's so popular. Recommended.

Harry Sinclair

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