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Spooks And Spiders
By Software Invasion
BBC Model B

Published in Acorn User #028

Jail Bait

Spooks And Spiders

Scenario: a prison block with several galleries. Locked cells, one of them containing a beautiful damsel. The key to the cells and the maiden's heart is there, but to get to it you have to avoid the ghosts of long-dead prisoners and awful-looking spiders. You can jump on the spiders though, acquiring points and dirty shoes in the process, but you have to make sure that neither they nor the ghosts jump on you or you will lose one of your three lives. Later on, some of the ghosts turn into fast-moving skulls which are very difficult indeed to avoid.

Having cunningly worked your way through to the key and grabbed it, you have to go to each cell door in a random sequence and unlock it. When you open the last cell, there is the grateful damsel. She's so grateful, in fact, that you have to do it all over again but this time there are even more spooks and spiders after you. All the time the bonus score is heading towards zero, as are your chances are survival.

The graphics are quite good and if you don't mind the fact that the storyline is probably fictional you could like this game. It will appeal to those who like Acornsoft's Monsters.

The package is nicely put together but, unlike Eagle's Wing, from the same stable or eyrie (please tick), it doesn't have the interrupt-driven music and graphics to entertain or irritate you while it is loading.

Harry Sinclair

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