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By Top Ten
Atari 400/800/600XL/800XL/130XE

Published in Atari User #34


Richard Petty, king of the Nascar Super Stocks race scene, challenges you to a gruelling race against eighteen other drivers, each programmed to beat you.

This is Top Ten's description of its latest release. Basically, it's Pitstop plus a large dose of Pole Position. You have to race around a selected track - or choose one at random - incide the time limit to qualify for the main event.

You have to beat nineteen racers - including Richard Petty in a blue, flashing car - in order to win.

You can soon learn several tactics to help you beat the others - using turbo boosters which use up a lot of fuel and cut down control on bends, or sneaky manoeuvres such as slipstreaming which cut down on fuel used.

You can also cut turns which allow you to take a certain line through bends at 250mph - the car will do a four wheel drift but you can retain full speed or even lean on the other cars to shunt them out of the way.

For balance there are things to hold you back or even put you out of the race - engine trouble is one but it is quickly remedied by a pitstop.

I didn't think Talladega was up to much graphically and its age is showing with old sound and gameplay. All in all, it's not likely to make you race down to your local stockist to buy.

With Pole Position being sold nowadays for about £2.99, I believe you'd be better off spending the extra pound on that.

Robert Swan