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Footballer Of The Year
By Gremlin
Atari 400/800/600XL/800XL/130XE

Published in Atari User #29

Footballer Of The Year

Already released on other formats, Footballer Of The Year now makes its debut on the Atari.

As a young 17-year-old apprentice footballer you start your career. With a set amount of money and a choice of division and club you make your debut.

You have a set number of goal cards. By using one of them in a game you are given the chance to score goals and increase your season's tally. Sometimes your card will present you with a penalty with the chance to score without any hassle, otherwise you get two defenders rushing at you.

Usually you are given three or fouor chances a match to score and the final score appears teletype fashion. After the game, you are able to assess the league data including your position this season (goals for the national team, in the FA Cup, League Cup and in the League).

You can change your financial picture by using an Incident Card. You may win on the roulette table or break a leg for instacnce. Transfer Cards can also be bought, the price depending on which division you are playing in. If the talent-scout is not interested, you have wasted your money.

Almost everything is text and the poor graphics are all monochrome on an unchanging background. I was disappointed too, by the lack of sound - the occasional cheer would've been nice.

The transfer procedure is ridiculous: With a rating of Excellent, in the First Division, and with over 100 goals scored after two seasons I was turned down by a Third Division scout looking for an average player.

Footballer Of The Year is quite addictive, but a little too easy to score goals and to get a high rank. At £8.95 I found it overpriced.

Robert Swan