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Commodore User

By The Power House
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #43


After the war, the Saurans rule unchallenged and the end of mankind seems inevitable. No-one has returned from the Strategic Command centre, although if they had they would have been zapped by the dreaded discs of death and the impenetrable Veloscraft.

Your aim is to reach the enemy base. A square bomb sight floats just ahead of your ship and marks the target that you can bomb by a combination of pulling back on the joystick and pressing the fire button. Time this right and keep on line until the bomb lands, you'll hit the target and collect a useful bonus. Watching this cursor can actually cost you lives as it can make you move sideways into the path of aliens that you thought had passed safely by.

To add to your problems, the waves of aliens come thick and fast and shower you in missiles and horrible pinging noises. They begin in the form of rotating discs, then ships that swarm directly at you and at deceptive angles across the screen.

A good shoot-'em-up, but I'm sure I've seen it all before in Xevious.

Tony Hetherington

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