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By The Power House
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #47


Sqij is in trouble. He was once a happy mutant bird but that was before the food ran out, now he's in big trouble.

His only chance of survival is to collect the pieces of the Ener Tree that will give him everlasting life! Unfortunately, these pieces are scattered throughout the critter-packed caverns of Pylpapa.

There are six pieces of the Ener Tree to collect which must be assembled in the lost cave of Lotz-to-weet to complete the game and save our hero. However, there's plenty to do before you can reach those giddy heights of achievement. First, you must survive. That may sound obvious, but it isn't easy, as the caverns are packed with energy sapping, flying "thingies" that drain your energy at an alarming rate. You can shoot these with your "splorger" but there are so many of them that it's best to keep moving and make sure you avoid any contact with the cavern walls as they're just as deadly.

To add to your troubles, parts of the cavern are shut off with energy sapping doors. These aren't going to hold you up for long since scattered throughout the caverns are oddlefoodle fruit and depensa-monstas. It doesn't take too much time to work out what you need to do to get a pass that will open the doors that lead to more caverns, more thingies and the pieces of the Ener Tree.

The game is tough! Not because it requires a great deal of thought or strategy to solve, but quick fire reactions and dogged determination are necessary to survive the thingy onslaught long enough to collect the pieces and complete the game. Really though, it isn't worth the effort!

Tony Hetherington

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