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Laurel And Hardy
By Advance
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #47

Laurel And Hardy

Stan and Ollie are in trouble again, only this time with each other. While Stan was puzzling over the lock of the local dog catchers van Ollie walked up holding a custard pie. Instead of offering Stan a bite he planted it, not too nimbly, in Stan's face. Stan was last seen on his way to Percy's perfect pie shop to get revenge.

Laurel and Hardy the game is a Spy Vs. Spy-style of game in which either human or computer opponents must hit each other with between one and five flans to win.

The game is set in a small town which is represented on screen in Cinevision, which is a wobbling, split-screen black and white display showing the area around each player. If the players find a map to plot their route around town, this appears in a centre strip along with pictures of any objects they're carrying and a one-armed piano player that hammers out the incredibly repetitive Laurel and Hardy theme which will drive you up the wall unless you turn the sound down.

Your main aim is to find flans and fling them in the face of your former friend but you must also keep drinking otherwise you'll slow down through thirst and exhaustion. You can also find a bike to speed you around town (although this won't work too well if someone leaves broken glass in your path), release a dog that will chomp the other player, as well as ball bearings to get your opponent slipping.

The result is an arcade adventure, flan-throwing, get-him-before-he-gets-you game that will appeal to new and old fans of Stan and Ollie.

Tony Hetherington

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