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Sky Runner
By Cascade
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #41

Sky Runner

In the 24th century mankind spread throughout the stars. Planets were colonised as man broke free from his own solar system. Unfortunately, not even an affordable star drive could free man from mankind.

Little changed on the new colonies as the rich prospered at the poor's expense. The poor got angry and turned to crime. The old policing methods that had failed on Earth also failed in the colonies forcing the galactic governments to turn to drugs. Powerful control drugs were fed to the population through the water supplies and even impregnated in daily news sheets. However, such drugs not only halted any criminal thoughts but also destroyed production as the population became chronically apathetic. The colonies faced economic doom until the settlement of Vega 3.

Known as Naibmoloc by the first settlers this vast forested would became the only source of Sky. A control drug without side effects! Perfect but also illegal.

Sky Runners set up huge harvesters to collect the forbidden fruit that were protected by gun towers and ruthless Sky Bikers. Your job is to stop them.

The game plays in two distinct parts as first you must fly your laser firing skimmer across the planet as you attempt to knock out the gun towers before they get you. The only way to succeed is to dive bomb them, fire and pull out before they blast you. If you perfect this move you may survive to continue the fight in part two as you only have the one life.

Should you manage to clear the gun towers then you can drop up to three sky bikes onto the planet's surface to battle with the drug runners.

With the gun towers already destroyed two main threats now face you, the enemy sky bikers and trees. Crashing into a tree is as deadly as being rammed by a biker or an enemy laser bolt and so much be avoided at all costs. This isn't going to be easy, particularly when you're being chased by bikers at a breakneck speed through the jungle.

Completing a mission earns you valuable bounty for bikers and towers destroyed that may tempt you into more missions at one of the higher "threat levels". These increase the gun towers and enemy bikers to an almost suicidal level but do nothing for the game itself.

The action is limited and soon becomes tiresome. Cascade amazed the Commodore world with its flight simulator ACE but this game stalls before takeoff.

Tony Hetherington

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