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By Logotron
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 4.02

When the Editor first told me about the plan to include a sample game on the cover of this issue, I was very sceptical about its quality. After all, I couldn't recall anyone else doing that (so could the game be any good?) and wasn't Logotron on a little out of its Logo-depth by entering the games market.

I'm very happy to report that I was totally wrong - this is one of the most compulsive, cunning and attractive programs I've seen for some time!

Developed by a software team during breaks in the development of a large, serious animation project, the game was originally a relaxation exercise with mugs of tea and Kit-Kat bars as on-screen elements!


I'm not sure what you will have seen on the demo disc, but after playing most of the levels (availabe by choice on !BOOT up) I can guarantee that this is not just another maze game. Later levels feature all sorts of fiendish additions to the basic shields collecting masks format of the first level.

The first most important addiction comes with the introduction of chickens which zip across the screen as soon as they way is cleared. Watch out too for the fish which drop on you, the bombs which have to be manoeuvred into place to blow paths deeper into the mazes and, perhaps hardest of all, the masks which turn out all the lights!!

I think the game is superb - a very classy original twist on the basic maze theme - and Logotron are to be congratulated on their commitment to the game.


Like Logo, now accepted as standard by Acorn on the Compact, there will be on-going development and support. Once a certain level has been solved, it can be saved, sent in with a completed anagram and badge and certificate will be yours. A maze generator package will be available to those who complete the game and there will be cash prizes for the best fifteen mazes, with compilations of new mazes planned. Also demonstrating their commitment to schools, there will be a special pack containing the game, the maze generator and some simpler mazes.

Best touch of all, however, is, the replay facility which allows you to run or step through your solution to see where you could ave time. The move limit on each screen is annoying but it is necessary in order to allow memory for this feature.

Having played the game almost endlessly for two weeks, I'm very pleased that A&B has been able to offer you a first step into the world of Xor; you must buy the full game. Not only will that confirm A&B as the gamers' home (and thus justify the first free games disc) but it will also provide you with a lot of enjoyment.

Dave Reeder

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