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By Hewson Consultants

Published in A&B Computing 1.09

Having spent many hours on this program over the last couple of weeks, I am still not at all sure whether I am enjoying the challenge or not; it's one of those programs you have to try just once more to see if you can do any better at it!

I have already reviewed Airline, in which I ran an airline company, and the Salamander 737 Flight Simulator. Those were both very interesting in their way, and the theme continues with this very complex and involved program. In it, there is a very realistic simulation of an Air Traffic Controller's job, and what a job it is! There are various levels at which it is possible to play this simulation, and also a demonstration phase in which all goes smoothly. I jumped in at the deep end, and tried to handle an option with emergency traffic, and very soon I have problems - and aeroplanes - stacking up all over the place. I read through the very comprehensive notes again, and tried again at a more realistic level, and a glimmering of how to achieve a success began to appear. More practice, and some planes even began to land successfully!

Yet it is one of those programs which it is necessary to keep trying at, and at each harder level, there are additional problems to contend with. The simulation will not appeal if you need to zap a number of aliens each day, but for a really tough test of your reflexes, skills, memory and common sense, it takes some beating!

Dave Reeder

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