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Published in A&B Computing 4.08


Imagine this scenario - you have to work your way through earth, being careful not to dislodge boulders in the wrong order, so that you can pick up scattered prizes.

Yes, it even looks a bit like Repton too! However, there are basic differences - this time, you're supposedly working your way in a post-nuclear situation through seven levels of a dome in order to save some hibernating humans. To do this, you have three droids - one eats earth, one teleports humans and the third pushes boulders out of the way.

It's quite fun and should certainly appeal to Repton fans desperate for a fairly easy fix of their favourite lizard, whilst waiting impatiently for the new lizard epic, Around The World In 40 Screens.

For a budget game, the graphics are acceptable and the game quite fun. I just wish it was a touch more original.

Dave Reeder

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