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By Godax

Published in A&B Computing 5.02

If you've still got a copy of The Arcade for October 1986 then dig it out and read my review of Skirmish, that month's Game of the Month. Delos D. Harriman's superb conversion of the arcade classic had a fairly chequered history up to that time (coded for Atarisoft who never released it, semi-released by Aardvark Software who never sorted out the copyright problems, sold mail order by Harriman, etc) but, at last, we have a proper release from new software company Top Ten.

If you've got the program already (and you should have!) then this is identical except for a new title screen and the existence of the all-new Elk version.

If you haven't then please do search this out at once - even if you've never played the arcade original, you can't fail to be captivated by the jousting men on the back of birds, the Larva Troll and the other monsters, etc, etc. It's simple to play, very addictive and a very very classic piece of programming. If it wasn't a re release it might even be Game of the Month again but, for this budget price, this has to be an essential purchase this month. Trust me!

Dave Reeder

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