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Unbelievable Ultimate
By U. S. Gold
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 4.03

Unbelievable Ultimate

Last year US Gold released this collection of Ultimate classics as Cosmic Battlezones. Now, with the creation of their new Master Games series, it gets another outing.

This is classic stuff! Four excellent games (Jetpac, Nightshade, Knight Lore and Sabre Wulf) for the price of a normal single game must be the final deciding factor in selling these to the few BBC owners who don't already have them.

There of the games are arcade adventures using the Ultimate Filmation 3D graphics and Jetpac is a very simple, very fast shoot-'em-up game involving collection of objects whilst shooting everything that moves.

All of these are on my list of best ever games for the BBC. I urge you to buy the collection if you don't already own the games; you won't be sorry!

Dave Reeder

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