A&B Computing

Geography Of France

Author: Dave Reeder
Publisher: Corona
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in A&B Computing 1.07

Geography Of France

The program is supplied on disc or cassette, and the intended audience is for children from 8 onwards.

Once loaded, the program displays the French flag and plays the French national anthem, all bar a little programming "hiccup" right in the middle!

The main menu displays a map of France, and a list of all the tests available. These range from towns, to rivers, sea areas, and mountains, each is numbered, and once the choice is made the map is redrawn with the relevant information on it. Once the child is happy, there then follows a test on the topic, which includes a test for correct spelling!

At the end of each section, the program returns to the menu page, so either another topic, or the exit may be chosen.

The program is extremely well 'crash-proofed' with both the Escape and Break keys re-starting the program and the only way to escape is via the menu.

The display is both clear and colourful, and individuals, as well as groups should have no problem using this program. A few children whom I asked to have a go of it, found it most enjoyable, and stimulated some rivalry into who knew the most.

Dave Reeder

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