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Row Of Four
By Software For All

Published in A&B Computing 1.06

This strategy game takes place on a 7x6 board, which should be imagined as being vertical. Counters are 'dropped' alternately by the computer and the player until either has made a row of four counters either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Graphics are very good, the counters actually look like counters, and they drop very smoothly down the screen, the volume of the sound cleverly increasing as the counter nears the bottom. It is really a one-sided game, as the computer has a perfect (as far as I know!) strategy. Moves are selected by responding to the row which you wish to drop your counter down. Crashproofing is excellent, except for one thing: the ESCAPE key is not disabled, which can be a nuisance when your hand slips.

Despite the good graphics and sound, I tired quickly of this game, because the computer is so good and there is no two player option. I think that Row Of Four is best kept as a board game, and off the computer.

Dave Reeder

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