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Teacher In The Custard
By Peebee
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in A&B Computing 1.08

As mathematical drill programs go, this has to be one of the worst I have ever seen and just look at the price. The program is boring. the graphics are poor to say the least and I'm not even sure that I like the concept of dropping teachers in custard, although I'm sure it will appeal to the murkier nature of most children's minds. Well what is it all about? you may ask. It is a simple practice program that generates random problems for a child to answer in the set time limit. The game can be used to set problems of addition, subtraction and multiplication or to set questions from a particular times table. The best feature of the program is without a doubt the teacher and options screens as they do at least mean that you can control it to work within quite specific limits. It will also store the score of any successful player but this is another flaw to my mind, teachers need to know how all the children are doing. especially those who are failing to finish the game for whatever reason.

The screen appearance is singularly unattractive and static which is unlikely to make it a real motivator for children. The teacher does end up in the custard but once again the graphics are crude and lifeless. I can't see this program being a rival for Killer Gorilla in any child's mind. Even the documentation contains spelling mistakes, as does one of the teacher's screens. This company's motto is that they are 'about making learning exciting'. I cannot say that they get anywhere near with this offering.

Dave Reeder

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