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Home Computing Weekly

By BBCSoft/BBC Publications
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #35

This package is an excellent set of programmers' utilities which I doubt if I will ever be able to do without again.

The cassette contains 25 or so programs, suitable for both cassette and disc users, which show the thought and skill one would expect from the people who brought you The Computer Programme. It is accompanied by a 208-page book too.

The utilities range from the ubiquitous Character Generator to the excellent Squeeze programs which deserve special mention.

Whether you're writing software for money or pleasure, one method of making your program run faster and take up less space is to pack your lines with as many statements as possible. Unfortunately, this makes the programs very difficult to debug.

This trio of routines makes this a doddle! All you do is write your program in single statement lines and then, after testing, use the first program to get rid of all REMarks, the second to remove unwanted spaces and the third to 'pack' the statements on to as few lines as possible.

There are many other equally good and useful routines including sorts, graphic dump, disassembler and RAM tester. Fantastic value, easy to use and utterly painless.


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