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Home Computing Weekly

Dune Rider
By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #79

Have you got three eyes and the ability to do more than three things at once? That's what's required in this new game. What really foxes me is how I'm ever going to see the hazards, lava pits and radioactive zones, before I hit them.

The game revolves around your having to save the world by getting some plans from here to there as quickly as possible. To do this you have a dune buggy with independent suspension and the ability to fire both forward and upwards.

There is an alien blockade too, with plenty of scouts and fighters who are trying to prevent your mission being successful. Fuel can also be a problem so you have to shoot their tankers and then catch the stuff whilst on the move.

Now do you see what I meant: your eyes have to be both in the sky and on the ground. It fair makes your brain ache. Control is good but I much prefer joysticks to keys, which is unusual on the BBC. The graphics are great and the game has that fascinating quality which leads to compulsion.


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