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Home Computing Weekly

By Talent
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #77

This program, an adventure, is produced for a number of home computers and some versions have a full set of graphics but the Acorn versions are text only.

The scenario is a wild west adventure and the whole thing is conducted in real time, so that if you sit around for a while things start to happen around you.

That would be rather pleasant if they were nice things but unfortunately they aren't and I seem to find most of the things rather fatal.


Take the robber for example, several things can happen when he appears. If you are carrying a pack of cards he will challenge you to a game of pontoon, a nice touch this, but I can't tell you what he does if you win.

He might try to shoot you and, despite what the instructions say, you don't start with a gun! He often misses but running away doesn't really help.

Incidentally, there is no 'Help' feature in this game although you can save your position if you get anywhere before you get killed. A good adventure if a little colourless, but the real time features do make response times long.


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