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Home Computing Weekly

Wizard's Challenge
By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

Another text only adventure for the ever-growing number of fans of this particular software art to descend upon! Set in a school playing field, it involves searching for twelve treasures desired by the evil wizard.

It is attratively set out, although the split screen effect is not used particularly well - the room description can be scrolled off the screen when it might be needed again. Range of movement is good: combinations of the usual four compass directions as well as up and down. You are advised to make a map as I did, fairly successfully.

I haven't yet found all the treasures but even in the short time I have had to play, I did find some of them and this has given me the desire to play again, unlike some adventures which are so difficult even in the initial stages, that I'm completely put off. This should suit a modestly experienced adventurer who had had good experience of schools and knows how some of the usual adventure conventions work. The storyline is only fair: the old treasure quest in a new setting.


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