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Thunderstruck 2
By Audiogenic

Published in Acorn User #056

Strike Two!

Just when you complete Thunderstruck, and think you are safely home at last, you find the theme continues in Thunderstruck 2, the latest offering from the highly successful ASL/Peter Scott partnership, which brought you the arcade adventures Last Of The Free and Thunderstruck itself.

Like its predecessor, the theme is a compelling mixture of strategy and logic, with many problems requiring the player not only to collect objects in a certain order, but also to perform some dextrous finger tapping to position himself in the right palce at the right time to use them.

A brief list of some of these objects may give a clue to the complexity and originality of Thunderstruck 2's plot. They include a passcard, keys, blunt block, weight, hammer, drill, pattern, fire extinguisher, spade, program disc, video, peace sign, ID card and food.

Having played both Electron and BBC Micro versions I can report that, as is usually the case with Audiogenic's offerings, there is little to choose between the two.

Bernard Emblem

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